… we began this amazing experiment in democracy we call the United States of America. Those were most assuredly different times than now: Women could not vote or own property, slavery still thrived on our shores, and freedom of religion came with the footnote “as long as you were a Christian.”

How far we’ve come. Our children are born color-blind. And gender-blind. And without political agenda, on the heels of our nation’s first black President, we have the first woman nominee. Things aren’t perfect, nor shall they ever be. But it is the enduring resiliency of this tapestry we founded our nation upon that ensures that We the People shall thrive for generations to come.

I ask this of you, the reader, on this day: In between hamburgers and hotdogs and Heinekens, take a moment to reflect on the great privilege it is to be born in these times, in this great country, and with our great fortune.

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