About Kit

I have the best job in the world because I get to meet interesting people and give them money!

My Battle Cry

When I say “I have the best job in the world because I get to meet interesting people and give them money,” it’s not just a funny line, I actually mean it. In the 15 + years that I’ve been doing mortgages, I’ve worked with thousands of people and met some amazing folks. People who fix broken hearts by replacing them and people who fix broken hearts by nurturing them. People who are curing cancer and people who’ve survived it. Folks who have put their lives on the line on distant battlefields, and those who are on our streets protecting our liberties. Musicians who make our hearts sing and chefs who nurture our yearning appetites. And all of them consequential, fascinating, intrepid.

The point is that every one of the people I meet has an amazing story to tell and I’m grateful for the human connections I’ve been able to make. And, yes, what could be better than helping people meet one of the most basic of human needs, that of providing shelter.

As I write this on a crisp February day in 2016, I am just off two phone calls with referral partners who each complimented me on my relentless pursuit of successful outcomes for their clients. To each of them, I said “When that light goes out, it’s time for me to stop doing mortgages.” I actually mean that, too.  I couldn’t serve without passion, without the burning desire to improve another human’s life, without the urgent need to know their story.

From Whence It Came

I owe an enormous debt to my parents, Douglas and Susan Crowne, who gave me much, much more than their combined DNA. My mother instilled the core tenets of serving others before oneself, always doing what’s best for others, and always focusing on the positive. My father gave me my work-ethic, my intellect, and the gift of a sense of humor that permeates my world. And they both fostered an environment of constant learning which has served me so well in a world where change is the only constant.

The lesser important things to know

  • I am licensed in CT and MA and my company is licensed in all of New England, NY, and FL (so I can help you in all of those areas)
  • Connecticut Magazine has recognized me as a Top Originator for 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2016 (I have no idea what happened in 2013!)
  • I am an expert in all types of Conventional, VA, USDA, FHA, Renovation and Rehab loans (FHA 203k, 203k Streamline, and Conventional HomeStyle), and Reverse Mortgages

The more important things to know

  • I have a beautiful daughter, Chelsea, and an amazing Old English Sheepdog, Maggie
  • I live in Rockville in an antique home
  • I’ve had the privilege to serve on a variety of boards and commissions in Vernon for over 16-years, fulfilling a belief that volunteering is the fabric that makes this great experiment in democracy we call the United States so undeniably amazing

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