We all strive to put food on the table. To put clothes on our backs. To put a roof over our heads. And everything else is just that: everything else. {gimme shelter, gimme shelter…}

I think that’s what makes my career so incredibly satisfying – I get to help people satisfy this basic human need. The Great American Dream of Homeownership springs from this essential driving force that’s tucked into our DNA. {gimme shelter, gimme shelter…}

kits-houseA few years back, a young man was walking past my home just as I was taking Maggie, our Old English Sheepdog (and my muse…) for a walk. I’m blessed to have a distinctive home and he stopped to compliment me. Then he said “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you? A Doctor or Lawyer or something?” the inference being that I must be a wealthy professional.

I told him I was a mortgage guy and he cocked his head to the side the way that Maggie does when she doesn’t understand what I’m saying and then said “So, what, you push papers around all day?”

After I got over the initial shock of that blunt assessment, I realized that could be the way that a lot of folks feel about the mortgage process: a mountain of paperwork that’s standing between them and a roof over their heads. Throw that up against this primal urge and I look like I’m part of the problem, not part of the solution. {gimme shelter, gimme shelter…}

This website – and my raison d’etre – is to help people fulfill their dream of homeownership. To help people take a step into a new future. To calm the beating drum… gimme shelter, gimme shelter.



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