Have You Ever Faced Someone Who Was Crying?

its-no-laughing-matter 1I think it’s one of the most powerful of human emotions and it’s one that connects us, makes us want to help to make the pain go away. So when Angela, an 83 year-old client of mine, began crying during our 1st meeting, I truly wanted to help.

Angela and her husband have a wonderful story by the way. They’d been married for 65 years, they raised 3 terrific kids who were all doing well, and they owned their home debt-free. And though they had always lived responsibly, saving for their golden years, they’d outlived their money. It was simple as that.

So Angela, with tears on her cheeks, told me “Please don’t make me go back to work in September”. See, she’d been teaching college courses to make ends meet… at 83! She was ready to stop working… and she deserved that opportunity. Thanks to a Reverse Mortgage, she could rely on a monthly check coming in that kept her from having to go out and work to put food on the table.

That’s what I do. I help seniors stay in their homes and have the financial security they deserve.

Yours in reverse,

PS – Angela was my very first Reverse Mortgage client back in 2005. She’s since passed away but she was able to enjoy another 7-years of independent living. Her family shared what a difference having the extra money meant to her… and to them. What an honor it was – and is – to be able to help people like Angela.

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