Welcome to Mortgage Moment’s by Kit Crowne

I’m Kit Crowne and, as you can tell from my videos, I’m a bow-tie wearing, gray-haired Mortgage Wizard. I’ve created this section of my website to provide short insights into one of the most opaque and life-changing financial instruments known to mankind. Every week, you’ll find me with a 2 – 3 minute video covering topics ranging from where rates are headed to planning your monthly budget, from credit scores to thinking about growing old, and lots of my home-spun wisdom that I call “Stupid Sayings.”

Just so you know… Mortgages and Money don’t have to be boring… or send you off to visit the sandman. Come enjoy the show, empower yourself, and become part of my family of smarter and more prepared homebuyers and homeowners. I always welcome your comments and topic suggestions so please comment here or visit my YouTube Channel to share what you think and what you want to know.

The 6 Things You Need To Know About Mortgages During The COVID Crisis!

There is a lot of mis-information out there so please settle in and get ready for some straight-talk about the world we are living in right now.

Is The Seller Asking Too Much Or Are You Offering Too Little?

Watch this week’s video to get my tips on making offers that make sense and help you sort thru this really big decision.

Foreclosures and Short-Sales and Auctions, Oh My!

Tuck in to this video while I tackle tough topics to help you sort out whether these properties are a bargain or a boondoggle.

Do You Know Your ‘Yes, No, Maybe’ List?

Watch this video for my valuable pointers on helping your Realtor find you the perfect home!

What’s the Story With Pre-paids?

Why do so many people have their fingers in your wallet on closing day? Watch this video so that you understand the ins and outs of this troublesome topic.

Is Spending Money to Buy Money a Stupid Idea?

Watch this video to look under the hood on just what “Closing Costs” are and why they really are a good thing for all of us..

How Much Money Will You Need?

Today, I’m talking about Down-Payment and shedding light on just where you can scour up these funds… and where you can’t! Watch and learn how you can be prepared for this investment in your new nest!

What Price Range Should You Shop In?

Can I turn this frustrating and complex math into something you can wrap your head – and your budget – around? Watch this video and learn the shopping secrets that will give you a payment that will make you smile.


How Much Is Too Much?

I’m talking about pain today and how to figure out how you can avoid hating the fact that you bought your home. Watch this video and you’ll get my Tips & Tricks on how to keep yourself on the right side of the American Dream of Homeownership!

What Makes Interest Rates Change?

Can I really unravel the mystery behind this frustrating and sensitive topic? Watch this video and you’ll see me spill the beans and drive home some important points!

What Happens When Rates Go Up?

Are your dreams for home ownership on the shelf for 2019? Watch this video to find out where your monthly payment ends up if my rate forecast comes to pass.

Where are Interest Rates Heading in 2019?

I’m making a bold prediction about where rates are headed in 2019. Watch this video and get some insider intelligence on this always emotion-packed issue!

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