We all have one, or at least we’re supposed to. It’s the list of people we would take a call from at 2:33 in the morning, no questions asked. It’s your spouse, your kid, your parents, your siblings, the friend you’d do anything for. You don’t stop and think about it, there’s no weighing the pros and cons – you just do it.

yawning-dogI’m lucky – I have a great big list – but I’m also guilty of not reminding the people on my list that they are, in fact, on my list. Do me a favor and tell your people – it’ll make them and you feel better, safer in the knowledge that you’ve got their back.
By now, you’re wondering (I hope) what the heck this has to do with being a landlord. Well, the thing is, that once you become a landlord, you’ve just added some people to your 2:33 a.m. list. Seriously. When the heat goes out or the toilet overflows or… well, you get the idea… it’s now your problem and you’d better embrace it just like you do for everyone on your 2:33 a.m. list. Because that’s the pact you made with your tenant: I’ve got your back.

I know from whence I write: I owned a 6-family apartment years ago. Only, I hadn’t learned about “The List” yet and I definitely hadn’t added my tenants to it. I resented their calls and they resented me for not having their backs. I wanted their money, alright, but I hadn’t earned it.

So here’s my parting advice to budding landlords: Ask yourself if you’re ready to add some stra

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