There’s Nothing Like Having Money in the Bank…

pig“… to make you feel like you have money in the bank.” That’s one of my favorite aphorisms along with “Bad things happen when you can least afford them.”

At age 76, Judy has a little more than most but not as much as she thinks she’ll need to live comfortably for her remaining years. So when she sold her home down South to return to New England, she didn’t want to use all the money she had to buy her new home. She knew she’d feel a whole bunch safer having money in the bank than sitting in her new home as equity.

I provided a Reverse Mortgage to help her pay for her new home and that allowed her to keep $180,000 in her investments. The extra income her investment account will provide her with ensures that she can live out her years without worrying whether she’ll outlive her money.

We’ve both been chuckling about her decision to move North during the historic winter of 2015 but home is where you find it… and New England is her home.

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