The list of documents needed for a refinance will vary based on your individual circumstances. Here’s the core list of documents that everyone will need to provide along with some of the possible additional items.

Always Needed:

  • W-2s or 1099s for the most recent 2-years
  • Federal tax returns for the most recent 2-years (all pages of the returns)
  • Paystubs for the most recent 4-weeks
  • Bank statements for the most recent 2-months (all numbered pages from the regularly issued statements)
  • Recent mortgage statement (to help in obtaining a pay-off)
  • Contact info for your homeowners’ insurance agent
  • Contact info for your preferred closing attorney


Needed if Applicable:

  • Separation Agreement (if divorced/divorcing)
  • Business tax returns (if self-employed)
  • Pension or Social Security Award Letter (if receiving)
  • Most recent statements for any debts being paid-off
  • Documentation on student loan payments (if in deferral)
  • Bonus and Overtime income documentation (if needed to qualify)

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