Kit Crowne's dog MaggieJohn and I locked eyes and he tilted his head the way Maggie, my Old English Sheepdog does when she doesn’t understand what I’ve said to her, and there was a long pause until Amy, John’s wife, jumped in and explained. And then we all erupted in uproarious laughter that had my colleagues poking their heads into the conference room to find out what was so funny.
I do a lot of VA loans and it’s absolutely a privilege to them for those who’ve served our country. They do, however, have their share of idiotic forms that the government, in their wisdom, requires veterans to sign.

John has a teenaged daughter from his first marriage and, while I knew that he was paying child support, I hadn’t yet asked about the custody arrangements. So, when I got to the form that asks about the cost of caring for dependent children, I asked:

“John, you don’t care for your daughter, do you?”

Of course, John thought I was asking whether he loved his daughter rather than whether he provided any financial support for daycare. And he couldn’t for the life of him puzzle out why the heck his mortgage guy wanted to know whether he loved his daughter.

Amy knew right away what I’d meant to say… and that’s when the laughter started.

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