If you’re like me, you have no idea where your Social Security card is. I know it’s not in the hands of some ne’er-do-well intent on wreaking havoc with my identity but where is it exactly? Beats the heck out of me. If I had to guess, it’s slowly rotting away at the bottom of some long-forgotten pile of things-I-thought-were-important-but-not-important-enough-to-actually-take-care-of. Higher on the list than the collection of single socks that I just know I’ll find the mate to, but way lower on the list than, say, that stack of books I keep on my nightstand that I swear I’m going to read soon. I swear.

Now you find yourself facing me and I’m telling you “I need a copy of your Social Security card.” You stammer away, offering up a plethora of clever substitutes – your W-2, your tax return, your passport – while I unrepentantly shake my head, repeating the word “No” over and over until you accept that you have to do the unthinkable: request a replacement card from the Social Security Administration. Ugh.

If you’re like me, you muttered “FINE!” and jumped up on the web to request one online. Easy-peasy, right? Nope.

Connecticut (and just a couple of other states in our great union) hasn’t done what the Social Security Administration asked them to do so, while everyone else gets to streamline the process, we have to go in-person to a local Social Security office, fill-out a form, present the right identifying documents (see the list below…), and then wait about 10-days for it to show up in the mail.

Sounds tedious and time-consuming? Yup.

Here’s the good news: you’ll succeed – just like the hundreds of my clients who I’ve sent off to the Social Security offices in the past have. Really. And afterwards, rest assured, you’ll know where you put that card till your end-times arrive. Really.

Before I return to finding the mate to my favorite Argyle sock, here’s the link to find the closest Social Security office along with a list of documents that are accepted as proof of your identity:

Social Security Office Locator: https://secure.ssa.gov/ICON/main.jsp

Proof of Identity Documents: These are the common forms of ID that are accepted. If you do not have one of these items, please contact the Social Security Administration to inquire further. They may be reached at 800-772-1213.

  • Valid US Driver’s License
  • Valid State-issued Identity card
  • Unexpired US Passport
  • US Military ID

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